Worldwide Peace Choir

a Pineal Tones© meditation concert
from Lemuria with Love

 December 24, 2017
 Captain Cook, Hawaii
 webcast at 7pm Hawaiian time
on Christmas eve

 December 25, 2017
 Kailua Kona, Hawaii
 webcast at 7am Hawaiian time
at sunrise Christmas morning

2017 Worldwide Peace Choir

The Worldwide Peace Choir is sponsored by Terri Horiuchi
with written permission from Dr. Todd to
present this Pineal Tones© meditation concert.
© Terri Horiuchi.

WWPC Choir From Hawaii

Aloha kakou (Hi everybody)

My name is Ka’imi. I am the host of the Worldwide Peace Choir. I’m inviting YOU and the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to join together in a special celebration of Peace. The Worldwide Peace Choir concert was first broadcast from Hawaii at 7pm Hawaiian time on 12/24/2017 Christmas eve and 7am Hawaiian time on 12/25/2017 Christmas morning. This was the first time a Pineal Tones© sound meditation concert was streamed on the internet. The concert is QUANTUM and is still streaming. We invite you to make your offering as a singer or a listener this QUANTUM event.
Since 2012 there have been 7 major Pineal Toning concerts all around the world. Hundreds Of people gathered to sing the tones in Hawaii, Mexico, continental United States, Australia, Israel and France. At the most recent gathering in May 2017, singers from over 44 countries sang the tones in France.
The Worldwide Peace Choir is a different kind of Toning event. Instead of everyone going to a single physical location, our choir members are spread out all around the globe. We use the internet to share information and sound but the true power of our Peace celebration comes from the alignment of our compassionate Intention and focusing our Attention on the Pineal Tones©. Each one of us is like a little light, a little satellite. Blinking and twinkling. We’ll be shining the light of Peace around the world.
Whether you’ve been practicing the tones for a long time or you’re a newcomer, please know you are welcomed to join in. Let’s light up the world this Christmas!
Thank you for visiting the website.
And thank you for your time.

Worldwide Peace Choir

a meditation concert

from Lemuria with Love

December 24, 2017
Captain Cook, Hawaii
broadcast on Christmas eve

December 25, 2017
Kailua Kona, Hawaii
broadcast on Christmas morning

Michelle Karen Astrology Reading and Harmonic for the December 24 and 25, 2017 Worldwide Peace Choir

Kryon described Michelle Karen as a ‘quantum astrologer’. She has provided astrology readings and the harmonic for pineal tone concerts from 2012 though 2017. Michelle’s readings provide insight to a bigger perspective beyond the veil of 3D reality. Please visit for more information on Michelle’s events and private astrology readings.

Listen to Michelle’s astrology reading for the Worldwide Peace Choir recorded on 12/17/2017.

The Peace Offering
The template uses a 7 step process that is very easy to understand and to follow.  People who do the offerings will be building their Quantum skills by practicing using their INTENTION + ATTENTION on the tones + sound vibrations. You should complete the offering a minimum of 4 times before you register for the concert.
This template is my gift to everyone. Knowledge is power. This information is meant to empower people to connect with their inner Source and receive the upgrades through the vibrations of the Pineal Tones©. Each time an offering is made, we receive DNA activations and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual upgrades. Kryon said the intentions of the 2012 tone pairs are ‘the definition of ascension status’. In other words, enlightenment. The awareness of the Divinity within and mastering one’s own ability to connect with and direct our innate Source energy.
Let us use our practice of the Pineal Tones© to celebrate Peace. If you have questions please contact us at

Choir Members From Around The World

You may also view The Heart Chart and The Honor Roll.