According to Astrologer Michelle Karen the unusual series of 3 solar eclipses (July 12, 2018 in Cancer, July 27, 2018 in Aquarius. and August 11, 2018 in Leo) created a special cosmic portal from July 12, 2018 ending on August 11, 2018.

Michelle said, “Our feelings, thoughts, and actions are greatly amplified during this period. These are wonderful times to perform ceremonies, sit in meditation and pray for peace.”


10 choir members located seven countries each gave their own individual offering of the Maui 2012 pineal tones in celebration of peace. The August 11 2018 peace wave started in Israel at 11am and moved across the globe to Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, across the Atlantic ocean to Florida, Colorado and California USA, Puerto Rico, and Victoria BC.


This is an extremely special time with three eclipses, the upcoming Lion’s Gate event, and many Planets in Retrograde which are all helping us usher in a new era on the planet!
For the eclipse on Saturday (8/11/18), we are inviting you to make your offering with the 2012 Maui Tones! We recommend either the morning concert or evening concert, or both if you are feeling very adventurous!!!
If you are unable to make your offering at the specified time of 11am on August 11th, please don’t worry. You can make your offering at any time by setting the intention to be there with us. As you know, the tones are quantum in nature and transcend time and space.


Press Play to Enjoy a Message from Mother Mary about The Impact of this Wave

And so it is.

So much is coming to you. So much is available for you.

We wish to thank you for choosing to join the wave and to anchor in all the finishing energy of those three transmutations in peace and in willingness.

You think that you come to bring energy and to bring peace and to manifest for yourself and the planet a peaceful vibration. And that is true.

What you are yet to realize is, your willingness to commit to peace which is what you do each  time you sing the tones and each time you join in unity together as a choir, regardless of where you are on the planet, you create a stronger web, a stronger agreement, with your willingness and your intention.

So that, yes, the outcome is peace. But one of the tools is willingness. Yes.

And when you bring it together with harmony, because you all come together with your willingness, you light up a web that surrounds this planet, and makes it easier for clear communication and peace to be generated around this beautiful planet.

Therefore we honor you in your commitment, in your responsibility, in your intention, in your willingness, and in your harmony with each other, to bring peace.

Please take a deep breath and come into knowing and remembrance that this is how it is meant to be. That this is the way on this planet agreements, clarity, and action take form most easily. When you are in community. When you are in harmony. And most importantly when you are willing.

Your clear communication through these tones and sounds are healing not on the planet but yourself. Each one individually and as you work in harmony.

We honor you and we thank you and we look forward to many more of these waves where you bring together more clarity, more commitment, more willingness, more harmony and more joy. Because that raises the vibration and clears the channels as much and as easily as love. Yes. And we speak of divine unconditional love, not just romantic or generic love. Yes.

You are bringing yourself together and in unity offering solutions so remember that when you think you are one person trying to generate all this energy and you are alone. You are not. You have decided to connect yourself to a worldwide peace choir. That generate so much more than you are conscious of.

Thank you for committing to it and enjoy as you continue. With our every blessing.