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Question: How do I use the 2012 choir recording?


If you have the cd, then listen to cd 1 the morning choir or cd 2 the afternoon choir, to do your meditation offering. CD 3 is a special compilation of ‘bonus’ recordings for your enjoyments. Do not use CD3 for the offerings.
If you have the download, then to use the morning choir recording listen to track #1 to track #14, or the afternoon choir on track #15 to track #28 to do your meditation offering.
If you have the download please print the text provided on the Pineal Tones.com website so you can read the intentions of the morning and afternoon choirs and a list of the intention for each of the tone pairs.
The morning and afternoon choir recordings are concert approximately an hour long. To get the greatest benefit, set aside an hour and a half to enjoy the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upgrades activated by the tones. Do not operate equipment while you are listening. Remember this is a sound meditation that is activating your DNA. Afterwards it’s good to drink water and walk to help integrate your energy upgrades.