The trajectory of the Worldwide Peace Choir began in 2015. The concept was launched by a vision I received on the first weekend of January, 2015. Our first satellite choir offerings were made on October 9 and 10, 2015.
The 2015 satellite choir didn’t have the name Worldwide Peace Choir but we had the intention to support and amplify the frequencies of the Israel Peace choir. The Israel Peace choir met in Tel Aviv on October 9th and 10th, 2015. They sang pineal tones which sent the vibrations of peace, Kryon called ’seeds of peace’, around the world.
The first satellite choir members did NOT use the internet to connect with each other. We used the quantum network, Mother Mary calls it the ‘web’ aka ‘the web of life’ aka ‘the field’ aka ‘unity consciousness’. We had no audience of humans. We sang to the land.
From then on, from time to time as our satellite choir members felt inspired, we made our own individual offerings in the places where we live. Mother Mary told us that we could ‘paint the bridge of peace’. This is akin to painting the Golden Gate bridge to protect it from corrosion. Again, we did not use the internet to sing together. We used the internet to send emails to each other and share information.
In 2016 two choir members, Kathleen and I, went to Kapa’a Kauai to sing the peace choir tones to the land. It was just the two of us, enjoying private ceremony and retreat. The cd player in the condo would not play the 2012 Maui cd so we sang a capella. Our offering took two hours because we took turns singing both parts of the tone pairs. We each sang the fundamental once and the harmonic once. Together, we gave our voices in an offering from the human divine feminine to honor both the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Our audience was the land. We had a full day of many different ceremonies on 12/12/2016.
The nature signs were AMAZING. Here are photos that I treasure:-) Mother Mary said the land accepted our offerings so deeply that the earth had movement under in the ocean (in a good way) and the birds and nature beings were blessed. Also the condo building got a blessing (it was about to be remodeled).
2017 was the first year that the satellite choir had the intention to use the internet to broadcast a live stream. The live streaming provided a worldwide connection so that our choir members could connect together and give Mother Earth a simultaneous peace, love, joy hug. This was the first time we used the internet as live broadcast platform but it was not the first satellite choir transmission. The Christmas present theme was actually a return to Paleaku Peace Gardens, the location where we gave our first offerings in 2015. The King Kamehameha Hotel site was an honoring of a sacred site that Mother Mary validated as a good location to stabilize the plates of the Earth and honor the heiau temple in the midst of commercial setting.
By making 2018 a wave instead of a live stream we are returning to the original vision of the 2015 satellite choir.
2018 is actually the fourth year that a small core group of satellite singers have been making peace toning offerings. Mother Mary has spoken with me about humans being dependent on technology (hmm, addicted?). I get the impression she encourages us to grow beyond that 🙂
Regarding the locations, each year I receive intuitive guidance. Then I ask Mother Mary about the location. Our choir members serve as the human connectors with the land and the ancient temples and the multidimensional guides so that more energetic assistance comes to humanity. It seems to me that somehow the land and the guides decide where our offerings will be most beneficial. Then we go there.
In 2018 our location in Kauai is special because of the nearby temples, nature elementals of water, air, land, divas; and the birds at the adjoining estuary (a national park sanctuary) will receive the peace blessings and the migratory birds may carry forth the vibrations of peace.  According to Mother Mary this location is a huge amplifier, like a megaphone. So, the vibrations of the Kauai choir will connect with all other choir members around the world and amplify the blessings for all who participate from all locations.
The 2018 wave will likely begin in Israel. Hawaii will the last place of the wave.
Please join the fun!  Let’s share the joy, love, and light as we listen to and sing the pineal tones and ride our peace wave around the world on October 10, 2018 at 10am your time, your place, your sacred space!