Worldwide Peace Choir Offering

For Listeners

Follow all 7 steps to practice your Pillar of Peace meditation 4 (or more) times as a listener. Please record the date and location of your offering so that we can add you to our site upon registration. The tones used in the offering are available here.






I clear the energy in my body.
I clear my mind (I set aside “to do lists” and other concerns) so that I can focus on my offering.
I take some deep breaths and stretch my body gently.

2) I CONNECT with the energy of peace
I take a moment to connect with my feelings of peace.
I feel a sense of honoring, gratitude and sacredness in myself.
As I enter sacred space I bring honoring, gratitude and sacredness to my offering.

3) I PREPARE my sacred space
I clear the room where I will make my offering.
(smudge, sprinkle holy water, light candles, burn incense, place flowers, etc…)

4) I STATE my INTENTIONS (read out loud affirmations below)

The INTENTIONS of the Worldwide Peace Choir are:

I am singing and listening to the Pineal Tones©
in Celebration of
Peace in myself,
Peace on Earth and
Peace in my home and beyond.
We are singing and listening to the Pineal Tones©

in Celebration of
Peace in ourselves.
Peace on Earth and
Peace in Israel.


5) I OPEN sacred space
I say a favorite prayer or tone omm or sing a spiritual opening song, etc…
You may simply say ‘I now open sacred space and begin my offering’.

6) I MAKE my offering of Pineal Tones
I sing and listen to the Pineal Tones recording from “Maui 2012 – Ancient Sounds for the Future.”
To focus on clearing, listen to the morning choir (tracks 1 – 14).
To focus on harmonizing, listen to the afternoon choir (tracks 15 – 28).

7) I CLOSE sacred space
I say a favorite closing prayer, song, dedication, “and so it is” …
These words of closure serve to complete and release my offering.


This article is copyrighted, but you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered fro FREE, is is not altered, and the proper credit is included.  Thank you.
© 2017 Terri Horiuchi