August 2018 Eclipse Wave Impact from Mother Mary

And so it is.

So much is coming to you. So much is available for you.

We wish to thank you for choosing to join the wave and to anchor in all the finishing energy of those three transmutations in peace and in willingness.

You think that you come to bring energy and to bring peace and to manifest for yourself and the planet a peaceful vibration. And that is true.

What you are yet to realize is, your willingness to commit to peace which is what you do each  time you sing the tones and each time you join in unity together as a choir, regardless of where you are on the planet, you create a stronger web, a stronger agreement, with your willingness and your intention.

So that, yes, the outcome is peace. But one of the tools is willingness. Yes.

And when you bring it together with harmony, because you all come together with your willingness, you light up a web that surrounds this planet, and makes it easier for clear communication and peace to be generated around this beautiful planet.

Therefore we honor you in your commitment, in your responsibility, in your intention, in your willingness, and in your harmony with each other, to bring peace.

Please take a deep breath and come into knowing and remembrance that this is how it is meant to be. That this is the way on this planet agreements, clarity, and action take form most easily. When you are in community. When you are in harmony. And most importantly when you are willing.

Your clear communication through these tones and sounds are healing not on the planet but yourself. Each one individually and as you work in harmony.

We honor you and we thank you and we look forward to many more of these waves where you bring together more clarity, more commitment, more willingness, more harmony and more joy. Because that raises the vibration and clears the channels as much and as easily as love. Yes. And we speak of divine unconditional love, not just romantic or generic love. Yes.

You are bringing yourself together and in unity offering solutions so remember that when you think you are one person trying to generate all this energy and you are alone. You are not. You have decided to connect yourself to a worldwide peace choir. That generate so much more than you are conscious of.

Thank you for committing to it and enjoy as you continue. With our every blessing.

2018 Message and Invitation from Mother Mary

Ah! Welcome!
We would like to invite you to come… and join with your voice, your mind and your heart, to bring peace to the planet.
This year…we would add in UNITY as well.
There is much to be done and if you wish to join in, you are welcome to come.
We will happily include, enfold and enjoy… you bringing your life, your purpose and your song.
And don’t worry if you are not Barbra Streisand, Yes? That is not what is important. And if you are Barbra Streisand, please feel free to come anyway.
This is about bringing peace, bringing joy, bringing love and unity to the planet. And it will assist YOU, to bring it to yourself as well.
We invite you to come with us.

Listen to Mother Mary’s 2018 Message and Invitation to join us!

Michelle Karen Astrology Reading and Harmonic for the December 24 and 25, 2017 Worldwide Peace Choir

Kryon described Michelle Karen as a ‘quantum astrologer’. She has provided astrology readings and the harmonic for pineal tone concerts from 2012 though 2017. Michelle’s readings provide insight to a bigger perspective beyond the veil of 3D reality. Please visit for more information on Michelle’s events and private astrology readings.

Listen to Michelle’s astrology reading for the Worldwide Peace Choir recorded on 12/17/2017.

Mother Mary Channelling by Stephanie Brock

In November 2015 Mother Mary spoke about the effects of the October 9 and 10, 2015 Hawaii Satellite choir offerings.
The Satellite choir consisted of 12 singers: 8 in Hawaii, 1 in Fort Lauderdale Florida, 1 in Seattle Washington and 2 in Fayetteville Arkansas. The purpose of the Satellite choir was to hold space for the energy transmission of the Israel peace choir to move around the world and to amplify that energy. The choir members were not connected via the internet. They were connected through their intention and focused attention making their  offerings of the pineal tones. The solo singers on each coast sang ‘alone’ with the 2012 Maui cd recording as their accompanying choir.
Mother Mary told the members of the satellite choir that their offerings assisted the energy transmission from Israel to move across one third of the planet. She gave a summary of the elements that made the offering successful. Click button (embed recording) to hear Mother Mary’s words of wisdom on how to make an effective offering.
To schedule an appointment for your own private Mother Mary channelling session please contact Stephanie Brock at

Listen to Mother Mary’s message about creating an offering.

Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll

The excerpts below are from the introduction given by Kryon to the Israel Peace Choir in Tel Aviv Israel on October 10, 2015. The messages given then are equally important and timely now.
To hear the full channelling in Tel Aviv click here.

All of the Kryon channellings on the Worldwide Peace Choir website are published with permission from Lee Carroll. To connect with more of the wisdom of Lee / Kryon please visit